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I adopted my precious Cub from The Rescue House in 2008.  I recently went through radiation for cancer. My treatment was the last two weeks before Christmas. This is the crazy time of year for my jobs. Cub would sit on my lap the minute I got home and stare into my eyes and rub his face on my face. He was my cancer buddy. (My cancer was on the tip of my nose and a tumor in my nose) so it’s odd that he would pick that behavior out of the blue. I would just bury my nose in his fur and it just made me feel better. As a cat lover you know this is the best “medicine”. I am cancer free and he stopped rubbing his face on my face. Weird?  Nah, just Cub being magical.  He is the best friend.  Thank you Rescue House.  —Liz A. 


Fred & George

Five years ago, my spouse and I adopted our two boys from The Rescue House and they are the most amazing cats I’ve ever had in my life.  Fred is a crazy cuddlebug and loves movie nights and videogames since it means the humans will be stationary for him to sit on.  George is the majestic and composed king of the house.  He loves food and basking in the sun.  They both like to “help” with my sewing!  Their eyes (which needed surgically constructed eyelids when they were kittens; thank you Rescue House for doing that for them) are doing well.  Thank you so much for our precious boys!  —Ariane B.


Chloe & Poppy

 CholeI had the best experience with The Rescue House while adopting my two beautiful fur-babies, Chloe and Poppy (her baby)!  After adopting Chloe, The Rescue House let me know me know that Poppy was up for adoption too.  I’m so happy I could give them a home together, and feel rewarded and blessed with unending love from this little feline family.  The volunteers are wonderful, it’s evident they love and care about all the cats.  They were so responsive to my calls and questions before and after the adoptions.  The Rescue House followed up after each adoption to see how things were going, which made me feel supported by the community.  I feel I can reach out for advice if I need it (this is the first time I’ve had more than one cat).  I would definitely tell my friends to adopt from The Rescue House.  —Sarah N.



 Thank you so much for allowing us to bring Tetra home.  You were all so helpful in making sure that we were as prepared as possible and that it was the best fit for her and us alike.  We have recommended The Rescue House to several friends since.  —Alyssa B.





Kate Kate Whiskerlet & Leo DeCATrio

Oh, thanks for checking in on our sweet little kittens. They are such good kitties. Not a single accident in the house. Great little eaters. They adjusted so well. They have been a complete blessing to us. My Mom is living with us and is on hospice. She is now confined to a hospital bed in our living room and those kitties know to be gentle with her and love to curl up next to her. They have helped my two girls with this transition as well. The girls are spending more time with each other WITHOUT fighting just so they can spend time with cats. So really… who rescued who????  —Julie J.