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My daughter and I were looking for volunteer work we could do together.  We happened upon a weekend feline adoption fair from Rescue House in Mira Mesa.  We both LOVE cats and thought this would be something we would both enjoy.  We picked a location close to our home and started.  That was in 2011.  We can honestly say that after six years of service, we continue to feel like we have made such a difference in so many cats’ lives!  Every visit is filled with making sure the kitties are well cared for and do our best to encourage our visitors to consider adoption.  Thanks, Rescue House for making our hearts so filled up with love for cats who need help! —Pam & Krista D


As a Rescue House volunteer I have had many amazing experiences. I have watched kittens being born in my bathroom. I’ve held an abandoned newborn kitten cuddled under my shirt to keep it warm. I’ve laid on the floor watching in wonderment as a mama cat and her babies slept all snuggled together, watched little kittens take their first wobbly steps, and older ones zoom up and down my hall playing hilarious games with each other.  I’ve slept warm and peaceful with purring cats and kittens sharing my bed or napping on the couch.  I have worried for cats that have been waiting so long to get adopted and then celebrated the arrival of the perfect family for them to join. I have helped my fellow volunteers and been helped by them.  I’ve made friends I can count on. I feel so lucky to be a part of a group of people who make decisions based on what is best for the quality of life for every single cat and kitten we rescue.  It is work, but we do good work.  —Joni H


I have been a volunteer with The Rescue House for the past eight years – I am so passionate about this organization, as each individual life is treated as important and worth saving … including the two who became my own special boys!  One of the most rewarding parts of doing adoption center visits is to see a kitty that comes in, initially unsure about this new change, and then turn into a cat that is confident and happy, and in turn finally gets their forever home – and knowing that YOU played a huge part in making that happen. A rescue could not do what it does without great volunteers, and I strongly encourage everyone who has a passion for rescue to consider volunteering. Every minute you spend with the cats makes such a difference, and allows for them not only to be saved but to experience so much love and care while waiting to find a home. Even just a small amount of time can make such a huge difference in the lives of these kitties!
ara L


Our whole family loves being a foster home for kittens and cats!  My daughters take pride in helping, and it is usually the first thing they talk about when they meet someone.  We are able to give our foster cats love, play time, nourishment and also excellent medical care, when needed, thanks to donations and a network of caring veterinarians. —Suzy V


I have been volunteering with the Rescue House in many ways for over three years now – fostering and adoption events are my favorites!  But the most rewarding part is getting to know each cat’s personality and watching them find their perfect forever home. The Rescue House provides you with the opportunity to do something which has a positive impact on your community and your own life. —Kris B


My heart has always gone out to animals in-need, and I wish I could rescue them all.  Although that’s not feasible or realistic, I realized that fostering would be a great way to help a significant number of animals without having to take on the long-term responsibility and financial obligation of caring for them all for a lifetime.  It’s also been a rewarding activity that my daughter and I have enjoyed doing together.  Although there are some cats that we get much more attached to than others, and it can be emotionally difficult to be separated from them, it’s heart-warming to know that a special family will adopt them and love and care for them, and that we contributed to those cats finding forever homes.  And then we have the opportunity to bring in more cats that need to be rescued, and so on. —Pam F


ThVolunteering at Adoptionse hours aren’t long, but the pay is fabulous!  I wasn’t sure I wanted to volunteer – I thought I would feel too sorry for all the cats – but 3 years after I adopted my wonderful pair of kittens from The Rescue House, I decided to give it a try and never looked back.  I’ve been a volunteer for 4 years.  I spend about 2 hours per week at the adoption center nearest to me – playing, cleaning, feeding and loving the cats.   It’s fun for me and fun for the cats.  I look forward to being there every week.  

And I follow up with the adoptive families about their newest family member(s)!  It’s wonderful to learn that a cat has found a home – but it’s even better to hear about the joy that cat has brought to its family and to see pictures of the cats in their FUR-ever homes!  It’s a bonus paycheck for a rewarding effort. —Margie L