• We are a true No Kill organization
  • Since our organization is all volunteer based with no physical structures, the overwhelming majority of all donations go directly to the care of our cats.
  • We truly care about every cat that comes into our organization and finding the right forever home for them.

At The Rescue House, we strive to offer the best of all worlds for both our cats and our adopters.  The best care for our rescued cats.  The best assistance for both adopters and cats to help find the perfect match for them.  The best experience when adopting.  The best experience in guidance and information on cat care.  The best support experience for our adopters for questions or concerns or desired guidance, even years after adopting.  Every cat is different; every person is different; every home is different.  We really try to get to know our adoptive parents so that we can help make the best match possible for them and for our cat(s) – for a long-term, rewarding and loving experience for everyone involved.

We firmly believe that every cat is special and every cat deserves and will have a loving home.  From the moment a cat finds its way to The Rescue House, it is treated to the best experience and care we can provide.  Every cat receives all the medical care that is needed, whether that need is very basic or very specialized such as surgical care, orthopedic care, internal medicine care . . .  it doesn’t matter; they receive it.  Our loving foster homes open their doors to nurture the cats while they adjust to the changes in their lives that have led them to needing a rescue organization.  Some cats need to learn to trust people again; some need time to grow up; some need supportive care while they recuperate from medical procedures.   Every cat is different and no matter how long it takes, no matter what care they need, they get it at The Rescue House – and every cat finds its forever loving home!

Our foster program helps us to learn how the cats in our care are, in a home environment.  They become a member of their human foster family and enjoy living in comfort while they become ready for an adoption center and their forever home.  This also gives us an opportunity to get to know more about each cat:  their specific personalities, their likes and dislikes, their challenges and triumphs, and what kind of home mix will bring out the best of their nature and the best opportunity to bond with their forever people.  This helps us tremendously as matchmakers – matching people and cats for a lifetime of love.  We can help you find the cat (or cats!) you adore, who will adore you right back and become an integral and treasured member of your family.