Did you know that cats can live for more than 20 years?  That means that those who are often classified as “senior” cats are really in their prime!  And those who are in their “golden age” often have years of loving companionship ahead of them.

We invite you to take a closer look at these cats who have passed the follies of youth and have settled into their wonderful personalities.  Adult cats are more at peace with their environment and are more content to simply lounge in their favorite spot.  (This does not mean they aren’t playful – they are!)  With these cats, you don’t have to worry about crazy kitten behavior or destruction because they are past that phase.  Often what they want most is YOU: your lap, your company, your love.  And yet these cats will usually end up spending more time in an enclosure waiting for their forever home.  Please consider adopting one (or more) of these very precious furry friends; they are most appreciative of a second chance.

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