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Other Rescue Groups

The groups listed below are other non-shelter rescue groups we are aware of in the San Diego area. We are not familiar with all of these groups and DO NOT give recommendations or advice about them. They are listed here in order to provide other options for people who feel that they need to find another home for their cat if The Rescue House is full. Please check a group out carefully before you relinquish your cat to them.

It is very important that you ask careful questions about how the group operates — such as whether or not they euthanize. If they say they do not euthanize, make sure to ask what they do with animals considered unadoptable or special needs animals. If they say they do not euthanize adoptable animals, ask what they consider unadoptable (too often that can be if the animal is sick, including from an illness that is non-life threatening and from which they could easily recover if given proper care and treatment; or if they are shy, scared, or have some sort of a special physical or emotional need).

Doing your due diligence can save lives. Thank you.

Helen Woodward Animal Center Rancho Santa Fe (858) 756-4117
Rancho Coastal Humane Encinitas (760) 753-6413
Rosebud Society Cat Rescue San Diego (858) 459-8357
East County Animal Rescue El Cajon (858) 224-3227
National Cat Protection Society Spring Valley (619) 469-8771
Friends of Cats El Cajon (619) 561-0361
Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary Fallbrook (760) 685-3533
Cat Adoption Service (C.A.T.S.) Escondido