Volunteering with The Rescue House is a feel-good experience that can’t be beat.  We all share a passion for cats and the desire to make a difference in their lives.  Since The Rescue House is a true No-Kill cat rescue organization, there is no time limit or deadline for the cats.  We will care for them as long as necessary—once we take in a cat, we are committed to that cat for the rest of its life if needed.

This means that we can give our hearts to the cats without restraint: our fosters will care for the cats while in their homes, our adoption center caregivers will care for the cats while in the adoption centers, our adoption counselors will ensure that the cats go to homes suited to their individual needs, and our follow-up people will check in with adopters to make sure all is going well post-adoption.  At every stage the cats are surrounded by love… your love.  The difference you make in their lives with your part of the journey is incalculable, and the joy of knowing that a cat you cared for is safe and loved in a permanent home is what it’s all about for us.

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My daughter and I were looking for volunteer work we could do together. We happened upon a weekend feline adoption fair from Rescue House in Mira Mesa. We both LOVE cats and thought this would be something we would both enjoy. We picked a location close to our home and started. That was in 2011. We can honestly say that after six years of service, we continue to feel like we have made such a difference in so many cats’ lives! Every visit is filled with making sure the kitties are well cared for and do our best to encourage our visitors to consider adoption. Thanks, Rescue House for making our hearts so filled up with love for cats who need help!   —Pam & Krista D.