Home for the holidays!

More than 35 cats and kittens found their forever homes at our December adoption event.  It was hard for adopters to choose to the many snuggly kittens competing for laps and putting on their most charming whiskers!





Adoption events in November!

Our adoption events at Petsmart Encinitas and Petsmart Aero Drive saw 30 cats finding their forever homes!  We had two special stand-out adoptions:

On the first day was Sandra, a kitty we took in who needed a hip surgery and then later a dangerous surgery that required the removal of her pelvic floor while her colon was repaired and then everything put back.  Thankfully Sandra survived that, went on to heal beautifully, and after nearly a year in our care she captured the heart of her happy adopters!  They have reported in that Sandra is spunky, affectionate, and plays a lot… and has adapted very well to the two dogs in her home and in fact plays and naps with them every day. 🙂

And on the second day a cat who is very dear to many people at The Rescue House was adopted: Kavik!  Through no fault of his own, Kavik has come back to us several times over the course of his life due to the changing circumstances of his adopters.  Now 7 years old, Kavik is enjoying a luxurious new life with his happy adopter who has named him Chompers and who regularly lets him claim her lap for hours… when he’s not running around with his new best kitty friend, of course.



Home for Halloween…

We had a second adoption event in October at Petsmart Encinitas, and as usual it was a rousing success with lots of kitties finding new homes!  Some were little kittens, some were energy-filled teenagers, and some were adults.  Every adoption is special, and we are always so thrilled to help bring these human-feline families together!




October adoption fair success!

We held our big autumn adoption fair at Petco Mira Mesa this October, and had a lovely turnout of kitties adopted.  One of the exciting adoptions was when these three siblings were adopted together!



35 adopted Sept 16-17!

Our dual adoption events at Petsmart Encinitas and Petsmart Aero Drive this weekend were a tremendous success!  We had a very unusual set of FOUR cats adopted together, and then the crowning adoption was the three cats pictured here (who were all adopted together!).  Nutella (calico) and Natalia (black and white) have been with Rescue House and waiting for an adopter since they were very young… practically their whole lives, and they are 1.5 years old now.  They are less certain than bolder cats, yet no less deserving of love, and someone finally saw that in them and was in a position to give them that home they deserve. Cocoa had come back to The Rescue House 7 years after she was originally adopted and was looking to regain the love she’d known before.  Now she’ll have it.  There were many tears of joy as we saw these three special cats off with their very special new family.

Thank you and congratulations to all of our adopters!



27 happy cats in homes…

It was quite the busy August adoption fair weekend at Petsmart Encinitas, a steadily busy weekend that in the end saw 27 cats and kittens going to their new homes with delighted adopters.  Quite a few went in pairs and we even had a trio adopted together!




A Cause for Paws!

Our 9th annual gala, A Cause for Paws, was a rousing success and an evening full of fun and good cheer.  Thank to you everyone who came to join us and helped to support our cause: saving cats!  Because they ALL matter.





27 Adopted!

It was a busy BUSY July weekend at Petsmart Encinitas as so many people came and fell in love with the cats and kittens who were there.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we tried to keep up with all of the applications!  And even in the height of kitten season with tiny cuties playing everywhere, a good number of adults were chosen as the perfect companions for their new families.  Congratulations to all and we look forward to seeing all the happy family photos!



Adopted after 2.5 years!

Our most recent adoption event on June 24th saw 11 cats and kittens find their homes, but there was one very special stand-out in that number: Joey had been waiting at a shelter for two years when he transferred to The Rescue House, and then he again was inexplicably not getting adopted.  We can’t even begin to count how many volunteer hearts he stole (amid much bewilderment that such a cool cat could possibly be taking this long).  Now 10 years old, Joey always kept his spirits up through it all, staying as silly and wonderful as ever, finding joy in the simple pleasures and the love (and kisses) he got from the volunteers–but nothing beats a true home.  There were a lot of happy tears as Joey headed off with his new people and then again as word of his adoption spread through Rescue House.

We are so happy to say that Joey is finally HOME!!



Adoption Event Results!

We saw 19 cats and kittens off to their forever homes during our June 3rd-4th adoption event at Petsmart Encinitas, and the happy reports are still coming in from the new families.  Here’s one!

Miranda (we re-named her Rigby) has been doing fantastic! She had almost no adjustment period and was out snuggling with us and exploring within an hour or so. We didn’t even hear her meow until the next day, when we were in another room for a bit. She’s super playful and almost every night she sleeps through with us. We love her and are so happy to have her!! –Abigail


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Bowling For the Kitties!

Thank you to all who participated in our March 2017 Bowling for the Kitties Fundraiser at Kearny Mesa Bowl!  It was a rolling and rollicking success and as usual a good time was had by all–about 65 people attended and their efforts brought in approximately $6,000 to help supplement our medical bills.  In addition to the monetary donations, we collected a hefty supply of food to help feed the feral cats in our communities.  Delicious paw brownies and Rice Krispy treats were available for human consumption.

Our top male and female bowlers were John O. and Hillari H. (who is just 13!!)–congratulations and great job!

Our top sponsorships were Joe P., Julie A., and Amy A.

And our winner of the sponsorship drawing was Bobby E!